Yes I'm hosting a modded, forced wipe only RUST Public Server!
View our Map here:

I wanted this to be newcomer friendly as I too just picked up this game and wanted a place where likeminded folk can enjoy at their own pace. However I didn't want to nerf the experiance too much, so AI is still active, night time still happens as do helis and airdrops. But I wanted to lower the need to farm all the time, and to "help keep the light's on" for those long nights.

Some of it's features and mods:

  • Start Protection give's you 30 minutes from spawning into my server that you can't be PvP'd. (Starting fight's while protected counts against your timer!)
  • Well Fed that kicks you off with full health, hunger and thirst, because it's hard enough out there naked.
  • Kits because I want you to be able to hit the ground running. You will spawn in with the basic tools needed to get your base started fast!
  • Death Notes Because, you all wanted it!
  • PermaMap so you can always use your map!
  • ZLevels to give it a bit more of a progressive feel.
  • NFR - infinite fuel for small items like campfires, tunacan lamps, celing lights etc. Only the first fuel source is needed! (large items are still going to need to be fed however!)
  • Modifed Metabolism with only a small adjustment to the loss rate.
  • JPipes that allow you to link boxes to furnaces, refineries to boxes etc, automate your base!
  • InfoPanel Which adds some nice UI additions to your screen.
  • N Teleportation saves you having to walk home every time. (Limited daily use!)

  • Plus you can earn permissions to other fun plugins like being able to Auto furnace splitting with optimized wood usage. and AutoCrafter which is what it sounds like... craft up things in your base so you can do other things. All of these are permissions you'll have to be given, and a few other perks for members who actually stick around a while and play!